Cheapest Gas Prices in Wichita

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Unless you’re planning on driving a long distance to the Dillons gas station, it’s unlikely that you’ll find cheaper gas in Wichita. However, if you do live in the area, you can save money by purchasing the Dillons fuel card. The card saves you about two cents per gallon over the average price.

$3.29 a gallon at dillon’s

Norman Pitts recently returned from a fishing trip in Missouri, where he found gas at Dillon’s for $3.31 a gallon. He said that the price was higher three weeks ago, when he paid $3.59. He said that while it is nice that gas prices are low, he hopes they stay that way.

Currently, the national per gallon average is $3.714. Kroger and other stores aren’t far behind, with gas prices averaging about $3.28 per gallon. But while Kroger gas prices are competitive, they’re not the cheapest in Texas. Some stores offer even less, including Walmart and Circle K.

Prices at many Kansas gas stations are below the national average. As of Monday, most Topeka gas stations were selling $3.89 a gallon, and some were even selling it for $3.91. In Wichita, Dillon’s gas prices are still higher than the national average, but they are down from their recent high.

Ohio gasoline prices rose by just $0.01 a gallon from last week. That’s a 0.27 percent increase from the same week a year ago. The prices in the Mid-Atlantic states also rose last week. Across the nation, just over half of the states saw increases in gas prices last week. However, the Great Lakes region and New England region saw the highest increases in prices.

Cheapest gas prices in Wichita

The cheapest gas prices in Wichita are at Dillons and QuikTrip on 13th and West streets. Regular-grade gasoline costs about $3.29 a gallon, and diesel fuel costs about $6.90. Both are higher than last year, but still lower than the national average. According to AAA, the average price for a gallon of gas in the U.S. is $3.18, and in Wichita, it is still cheaper than in 44 states.

Dillons is conveniently located and clean. Its gas prices are higher than those of Kwik Shops and other gas stations, but the convenience is worth the price. They don’t staff their pumps after 9 or 10 p.m. You can also redeem your fuel points at Kwik Shops and Dillons. In addition to Dillons, Kwik Shops are also a good place to find the cheapest gas in Wichita.

Cheapest gas prices in Wichita near dillon’s

Cheapest gas prices in Wichita can be found at various locations, including the Dillon’s fuel center. Although this location offers higher gas prices, it is clean and convenient. Also, you can use their fuel card for fuel savings. You will save about two cents per gallon when using a Dillon’s card.

Prices in Kansas are higher than they were last year, but they remain relatively low compared to the national average. Earlier this month, gas prices in Wichita were around $2.57 for regular gas and $2.69 for mid-grade and premium. Diesel prices were slightly higher than one year ago, but the price was still well below that of the year before.

Gas prices are rising at many Wichita gas stations, and some stations are even charging $4.15 for a 15-gallon tank. Diesel, on the other hand, is slightly more expensive at $6.90 per gallon. But even with these rising prices, Wichita still ranks as the 12th cheapest metro area in the country. Compared to the national average, Wichita is still much cheaper than many places. This is especially true considering the fact that the average gas price in Kansas is $2.55, and people living in 44 states would pay more.

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